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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Collar Up Or Down?

    Lately the question has been posed if it’s still fashionable to wear your collar up, and if so, is it limited to a certain age group. My response has been yes, it's still fashionable and no, there is not an age limit. This trend was popular in the 80's and it has managed to find…

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  • A Round Square?

    While on holiday in Greece, I had the pleasure of meeting a gent from the states. We started talking and got on the subject of men's fashion. I mentioned this blog and he shared with me something that I had not seen before, a round pocket square. My question was how do you fold it?…

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  • Panama Visits Mykonos In Style

    Panama hats can be a tricky accessory to pull off. For some men they look great, where on others the hat doesn't do them justice. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the right one that suits me. There are factors that come into play when wearing a hat. The shape and size of the brim…

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