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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • George Frost Accessorizing Bespoke Blog Series Part 5

    A true gentleman will be accessorized appropriately. Men are limited in choices so why not choose a brand that will set you apart from the rest. I had the pleasure of meeting Marlon Taylor-Wiles the creative mind behind George Frost jewelry on a snowy winter day in NYC. Marlon's creative passion started in dance with…

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  • Tracy Watts Millinery Bespoke Blog Series Part 4

    A well-dressed gent should have an array of hats to choose from. I found Tracy Watts hats in Bergdorf Goodman last year and continued to follow her. Her story is unique and one that should be shared. I traveled out to her studio in Brooklyn on a cold wintry day. When I arrived, I entered…

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  • Alexander Nash Modern Bespoke Series Part 3

    The bespoke storyline continues and brings us to Alexander Nash. As I was doing my research, I came across some articles that intrigued me. I reached out to Alexander Nash and had the opportunity to speak with Sebastian Ramirez who in turn set up a time for me to come to their studio. Nestled in…

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