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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • A Contemporary Collection From Darkoh

    During Fashion Week here in NYC, I was invited to view the collection of Darkoh out of Germany. To my surprise the collection was something that I had not seen before from other designers. I had the privilege of meeting Joyce Darkoh the designer prior to her departure back to Europe. Joyce has been designing…

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  • Pantone Steps Into Fashion

    Some of you may know that Pantone is the leader in color forecast services globally. What you may not know is they have expanded into the world of fashion through a friend of mine Riccardo Giraudi. I met Riccardo 3 years ago during holiday in Mykonos. At that time, he was producing Iphone covers in…

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  • Soxiety Completes Your Look

    There is one that I have mentioned several times ion my post as well as in my blogs. Socks will complete your head to toe ensemble. With that said, I was introduced to Soxiety by Michael Bastian's people. Based in Northern Italy their mantra is, "wherever you live and whatever your style, if you believe…

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