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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • Drape Your Man In Daniella Draper Jewels

    About six weeks ago, a dear friend of mine reached out to me from London to inform me he was coming to NYC.  He wanted to introduce me to a jewelry collection by the name of Daniella Draper which he felt complimented The Refined Gent.  With a name like Daniella Draper how could I not…

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  • True Vintage Revival

    Finding high quality eye glasses or sunglasses for that matter can be challenging.  Well, your search has come to a satisfied end.  A few months back a dear friend of mine "Chunky" introduced me to TVROPT.  These glasses are hand made with original frame cast from latter days.  The quality of these frames are done…

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  • The Dollar Boot

    Some of you may remember when I introduced you to The Thursday Boot Company a few years back. We have remained good friends with the owners and have watched their brand grow to new heights. Recently, I met Connor, one of the owners, at their pop up shop in Washington, D.C. at Union Market.  …

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