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A Contemporary Collection From Darkoh

During Fashion Week here in NYC, I was invited to view the collection of Darkoh out of Germany. To my surprise the collection was something that I had not seen before from other designers. I had the privilege of meeting Joyce Darkoh the designer prior to her departure back to Europe. Joyce has been designing men’s bespoke clothing for several years for private clients and finally took the leap into creating a collection to be sold to a larger market. Her clientele dictated her change from traditional classic to modern contemporary. Her extensive bespoke training is seen in this handsomely tailored collection. Currently the collection is based in Frankfurt, Germany but is slated to move the headquarters to the USA later this year.

The collection combines the 80’s pop era with the chic 70’s to redefine a modern trend. The modern look has soft rounded shapes in dense fabrics reflecting a new English beat mixed with New York sophistication. Her use of masculine colors to create a contrast with pops of jewel tones inspired by the Glam movement was done effortlessly. The precise tailoring by combining tweeds and wool with leather, knit and chiffon adds to the elegance of the collection. The slim silhouettes and high end finishes gives the collection a metro-sexual touch which is balanced with English ruggedness. The collection targets a younger clientele with retail prices ranging from $850.00-$1,200.00. The Darkoh brand is one to be recognized and should be on everyone’s radar.

Her collaboration with accessories designers Jeffery West for shoes and Hayes Hamilton for lapel pins are brilliant choices and blend well with the collection. My thanks goes to Joyce Darkoh for giving us the opportunity to share her story with TRG as well as Jordan Landes-Brenman from Haute House PR for the invitation to the show and images. Remember looking and feeling good is all the matters gents.


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