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A Round Square?

20130727-080527.jpgWhile on holiday in Greece, I had the pleasure of meeting a gent from the states. We started talking and got on the subject of men’s fashion. I mentioned this blog and he shared with me something that I had not seen before, a round pocket square.

My question was how do you fold it? His explanation was precise. First you fold it almost in half so that one side is slightly longer than the other. Then roll it so that it starts to form a point at the bottom and it will start to resemble a flower as pictured in the bottom left image. Once that is complete, simply fold the pointed side back and slide in the pocket as pictured on the right side.

This round square is made by Frederick LaMont and he also makes the traditional squares too. If your travels find you in Charlotte, North Carolina stop by SILVERFLY and tell them The Refined Gent sent you. If you are unable to visit the store, they will be ready for e-commerce sales in the very near future. Stand out amongst the rest of them and try something new with your pocket square.


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