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Accessory Essentials For Fall

20130825-185528.jpgThere are some basic fall accessories you will need for the cooler months. First and foremost you will need a pair of dress leather lined gloves. The lining can be either cashmere or merino wool. It’s best to have colors to match your shoes. Dents, from London, offers a wide range of options for you to choose from pictured on the top left. You can also find these loves at JCrew. In addition to leather you should invest in a pair of smart touch lined gloves from Isotoner. These gloves allow you to text while keeping your gloves on. These are pictured at top right.

Next you will need solid scarves in some core colors to coordinate accordingly. These can be found at any major retailer. Colors you should have readily are black, camel, navy and wine. Plaid or check cashmere scarves also make a basic look more fashionable. The fashionable way to wear your scarf is to fold it in half, wrap it around your neck and slide the loose ends through the closed end as pictured in the bottom left.

Lastly, head wear is important for the cooler months to retain your body heat. Tweed driver caps are a great head accessory to have. As you can see from the bottom right image it works well with your sport coat and jeans and can crossover to your suit. Two colors that would be good to have are tan/brown and grey/black. These color combos can be coordinated with other colors easily. These caps can be purchased at many retailers. Always remember, looking and feeling your best is all that matters.


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