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Alexander Nash Modern Bespoke Series Part 3

The bespoke storyline continues and brings us to Alexander Nash. As I was doing my research, I came across some articles that intrigued me. I reached out to Alexander Nash and had the opportunity to speak with Sebastian Ramirez who in turn set up a time for me to come to their studio. Nestled in the flower district of Manhattan, their space is rustic which balances well with the refined bespoke clothing, accessories and work area it encompasses. Alexander Sumner better know as Alexander Nash was unable to be there so Sebastian was kind enough to tell me their story. The name of the brand comes from Alex’s family through the generations. Alex and Sebastian are pictured bottom left corner left to right respectively.

Over a glass of fine scotch we sat in the cozy setting and started. Alex originally from Westport, Connecticut came from the nightclub world and worked along side his mate Daniel Waldron who is from Ireland. For the past 15 years Alex has been designing his own clothing with the assistance of a master tailor by the name of Rocco Ciccarelli from Long Island City. Daniel approached Alex to start their own bespoke clothing line. One of their first clients was Sebastian who at the time lived in Miami and found Alex online. They hit it off and three years ago was offered a position as Creative Director. None of these gents had any formal training but through the years, gained all their experience through their in house master tailor Gustavo. Alex is head of design.

Their styling is considered to be more of a modern edge. As Sebastian puts it, “fitted suits will give you better posture and will make the man’s physique look better to the eye of the beholder.” One of their signature styling details is no belt loops but subtle adjustable buckles on the side waistband. This allows you to adjust accordingly if your weight should fluctuate. In the earlier days of the past century, men’s bespoke clothing was much more fitted than the traditional styling of today. Sebastian refers to bespoke as the “whispering type of world of fashion”. Most of their clients have found them on social media as well as word of mouth. Their clients range in age as well as professions from models, entertainers, bankers, attorneys and so on. Their prices for tailored clothing starts at $3,500 and could reach $6,000 depending on the cloth. Shirtings are $395 with a 5 piece minimum. In addition, they have accessories ranging from scarves, hats, ties, pocket squares, tie clips and cuff links. So if you are looking for something bespoke with a modern edge I highly recommend you make an appointment with them soon. When you do, tell them The Refined Gent sent you. That will put a smile on their face. Remember looking and feeling good is all that matters gents.


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