A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement

Men’s Accessories

  • Drape Your Man In Daniella Draper Jewels

    About six weeks ago, a dear friend of mine reached out to me from London to inform me he was coming to NYC.  He wanted to introduce me to a jewelry collection by the name of Daniella Draper which he felt complimented The Refined Gent.  With a name like Daniella Draper how could I not…

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  • An Innovative Frame

    We were introduced to new sunglasses that we thought were worth telling you about.  The brand is called Spine.  These sunglasses literally spring back to full closure once they are taken off of your face.  SPINE Eyewear provides ground-breaking fit and solves age-old hinge limitations with an extensive solution featuring game-changing design, aesthetics and function.…

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  • Frame Your Face In Style

    Some of you may have seen a photo that was posted of myself wearing a pair of new spectacles from Kirk & Kirk.  I came across the brand by chance and was I delighted that I did.  The Sidney and Percy Kirk were innovators, not only in the design of their frames but also in the…

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