A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement

Men’s Spring/Summer 2014

  • Sailing Away With Lacoste

    For all you sailing gents out there, Lacoste came out with their maritime collection classically styled for the summer months.  Think urban sailors on a short sailing wardrobe adorned to the street.  There has always been a connection to the sea when it comes to Lacoste.  Dating back to the early 1930's, the first poster…

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  • Living The Goodlife

    TRG was invited to an event hosted by SCOOP to preview a lifestyle collection from Goodlife.  The event was an easy going laid back event that coincides with the collection.  The savvy fare approach to the collection is for the man who wants to be comfortable in loose fitting clothing but yet looking ever so…

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  • Pantone Steps Into Fashion

    Some of you may know that Pantone is the leader in color forecast services globally. What you may not know is they have expanded into the world of fashion through a friend of mine Riccardo Giraudi. I met Riccardo 3 years ago during holiday in Mykonos. At that time, he was producing Iphone covers in…

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