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Collar Up Or Down?

20130730-201014.jpgLately the question has been posed if it’s still fashionable to wear your collar up, and if so, is it limited to a certain age group. My response has been yes, it’s still fashionable and no, there is not an age limit. This trend was popular in the 80’s and it has managed to find itself back in fashion. Funny thing about fashion, things repeat themselves about every twenty to thirty years. We call this planned obsolescence.

While in the Hampton’s this past weekend, there was a fair share of gents, young and old, sporting this look. In fact, one of the photos to the left was taken at a pool party I attended. The nice gentleman shared the same opinion as me when it comes to wearing the collar up.

To prove my point, you can see from the images on the left that Ralph Lauren and Lacoste have styled their models this way too. This is the “preppy” look, which has been trending for at least a year if not longer. So if someone suggests or makes a comment about you wearing your collar up being passé, let them know that The Refined Gent and well-known designer brands say you’re in fashion.


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