A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement

Color Matching Your Accessories

20130818-180137.jpgI have received questions from several people regarding accessory color matching. In other words, should your shoes and belt color be an exact match? In a perfect world, when putting your ensembles together it is important to consider everything including accessories, in order to produce a refined look. So my answer is yes, it is important whenever possible to get as a close a match as possible between your shoes and belt.

Black and espresso brown are an easy color to achieve this. However, there are times when it is difficult to find the exact matching color. Case in point, the color cognac or tan, is a difficult color to match as illustrated in the image to the left. As long as the color is in the same family, the belt can be a few shades darker or lighter and still look appropriate. If you have a pair of grey or burgundy shoes, it’s important to follow this rule too. There may be instances where your belt has a pattern with several colors. As long as one of the colors in the belt matches the shoes, you should be okay. The goal is to tie everything together.

With the fall season upon us, the same rule applies to your leather gloves. They should always match or be within the same color family as your shoes and belt. People will take notice and will see that you pay special attention to detail. Always remember, looking and feeling your best is all that matters.


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