A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement

Don’t Be Square. Be Creative.

20130710-162937.jpg Pocket squares are becoming more and more popular as men start to follow the trend of wearing suits or sport coats more frequently. The traditional options on how to wear your square have evolved. The traditional white pocket square is becoming replaced by brighter more vibrant versions for the summer as well.

One option that is illustrated in this photo is a clever way to show multiple patterns within the square itself. To achieve this look is relatively simple. Lay the square on a flat surface. Pinch it from the center and pull it through your thumb and index finger half way. (See Step 1 Illustration) Squeeze it at the center and twist it to create the “puff” portion of the square like the paisley portion of this photo. Then fold it in half so that the peaks are behind it as pictured. (See Step 2 Illustration) Slide it into the chest pocket and adjust accordingly. I have worn my squares like this before and every time I get asked, “how did you do that”? So try something new and stand out in the crowd with this option.


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