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Drape Your Man In Daniella Draper Jewels

About six weeks ago, a dear friend of mine reached out to me from London to inform me he was coming to NYC.  He wanted to introduce me to a jewelry collection by the name of Daniella Draper which he felt complimented The Refined Gent.  With a name like Daniella Draper how could I not introduce you to this fabulous artisan.  We met and I was very pleased with the entire collection which is catered to both men and women.  The jewelry has a rugged yet refined look to it.

There were pieces in the men’s collection that caught my eye like the chunky sign-ant rings.  These rings come in your traditional oval shape but also in a round, square and rectangular shape which I felt was refreshing to see.  You can get them in sterling silver or 9K gold.

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Daniella’s take on the bangle is quite personalized.  Jokingly I suggested calling them “mangles” instead.   You can personalize the exterior statement as well as the interior. Artist Ed Sheeran wore his to the Grammys seen below.

TC_JfQAx7q2fXJK4IFbZ8rCZFoRMKy1-LFpCBg33dxk mangles

I fell in love with a set of stack able rings. The set that I saw had a feather dangling from the center ring.  I have a bit of an obsession with feathers.  To me they represent peace and tranquility.  With or without the feather these are a  must have!!!


Charm necklaces have been on trend and Daniella did not miss the mark with her selection.  She offers a wide range of charm necklaces necklaces with various items to choose from including zodiac signs.  The chain length comes in either 20″ or 24″ which is perfect.

FullSizeRender charms

The collection is reasonably priced for the pristine craftsmanship.  Currently Daniella has three store fronts in the UK and sold online.  If you are looking for something special for your man this holiday season I highly recommend getting one of Daniella’s works of art. Remember looking and feeling good is all that matters…..


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