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Espadrilles On The Go

20130718-102938.jpg Well there are a few more weeks of summer left for some of us and finding the right shoe to wear is still a challenge. During my travels here in Mykonos, the shoe that continues to be seen at sunset parties, beaches and out on the town are espadrilles.

At the beginning of summer I had been advising that you should opt to get a pair for yourself. They were seen on many runways from various top menswear designers. Some men seem to think that they come off as being a bit feminine. I can say with confidence that these shoes are far from that. The men here are wearing them and looking quite fashionable.

The candid shots are examples of a brand called TOMS. When you purchase a pair of TOMS shoes, you’re also helping improve the health, education and well-being of a child. Learn more about the inspiring philanthropic work this company does globally by visiting their website. So be fashionable and contribute to the well being of a child. Looking good and feeling good is what matters.


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