A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement

Essential Winter Accessories

Since we have already had a couple of snow days in NYC I felt it would be a good idea to give you some suggestions on the proper footwear and head gear.  January through March are the coldest months of the year for some of us in the USA. Finding a stylish hat to keep you warm can be challenging. Two choices I recommend would be your fur “Russian” styled hat. These are ideal since the flaps cover your ears as pictured below left.  Another option would be an Alpine hat pictured to the right caught on the streets of NYC.









When it comes to footwear two brands we recommend are Wellies and Swimms.  Wellies can be found from retailers ranging from Amazon to LLBean and Nordstrom.  Galoshes are essential for the season and Swimms offers some colorful choices below for your brogues.

Penn Badgley Wears His Wellies On Set







Winter time Can be brutal at times but that is no excuse for not looking your best.  The right accessories will compliment your ensemble.  Remember gents looking and feeling good is all that matters….


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