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Fashionably Covered

I introduced you to Soffio, a luxury brand of leather accessories, a few years back.  Well by chance the owner of the company Stefano and his wife were visiting NYC. While having cocktails at the Boom Boom Room at the luxurious Standard Hotel I noticed his Iphone cover.  He shared with me that this was one of his latest additions to the growing brand.  The cover is made entirely by hand and completely in leather.  The beauty of the leather is its natural which will give the patina a unique darker tone from everyday wear.  They have sizes to fit Iphone 6/6S, 6/6S Plus and 7/7S. Reasonably priced from $45.00 to $50.00, I thought this would be an excellent gift for that special Valentine.

With so many case options out there why not stand out among the rest.  I recommend this hands down for the stylish man. Visit their website today and order yours in time for Valentines Day.  Remember looking and feeling good is all that matters…..


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