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Some of you may have seen a photo that was posted of myself wearing a pair of new spectacles from Kirk & Kirk.  I came across the brand by chance and was I delighted that I did.  The Sidney and Percy Kirk were innovators, not only in the design of their frames but also in the manner in which they were presented. Their couriers were the first to deliver by motorbike, cutting a dash through the streets of 1920’s London, setting the standard in both style and service.
Three generations later, inspired by their heritage and twenty years of passion for eye-wear, Jason and Karen Kirk proudly present Kirk & Kirk.

The glasses are handmade acrylic and come in an array of frame styles and colors for both men and women. One thing that is different from other eyeglasses are the decorative pins you can customize to your liking.  You can add a horse, lion, fly or ram in sterling silver or 14K gold.  I had a phone conversation with Jason Kirk to find out which frame would best fit me.  He suggested the Fleming in a dark gray frame and I chose the sterling silver horse for the pins.  I have never been the type of person to have more than one pair of spectacles but after receiving this pair I will be ordering another in the coming months.  Another added feature is they offer sunclips that can easily be taken on or off depending on your needs.

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I highly recommend getting a pair.  Every time I am out wearing them I get stopped and asked “Where did you get your glasses?” You can also find the spectacles in select boutique stores.  Visit their website and order direct or look for a retailer near you.  Remember looking and feeling good is all that matters….



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