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George Frost Accessorizing Bespoke Blog Series Part 5

A true gentleman will be accessorized appropriately. Men are limited in choices so why not choose a brand that will set you apart from the rest. I had the pleasure of meeting Marlon Taylor-Wiles the creative mind behind George Frost jewelry on a snowy winter day in NYC. Marlon’s creative passion started in dance with Armitage Gone. His departure from that world took him to Ralph Lauren where he was the manager for men’s at the Rugby flagship store in Boston. That in turn took him to the East Hampton store. Taking a risk, he crashed Lisa Salzer’s, creative director for Lulu Frost, studio opening party and fell in love with her. A few months later she asked Marlon if he would be interested in working with her to create a men’s line and so it began. Lisa, being long time friends with Eugenia Gonzales Ruiz-Olloqui who works with Micheal Bastian came up with the idea to collaborate with one another. Hence, Marlon has been collaborating with Michael for the past 2 years with much success.

Marlon’s inspiration for the current collection comes from the 1960’s era. He took uncirculated dollar bills and incorporated them into bracelets, lapel pins and necklaces as pictured top left, right and bottom right. His preferred metals are brass and white bronze and everything is hand made in NYC. The collection is sold to retailers domestically and abroad. However, if you are so inclined to get something custom or bespoke made for yourself this is an option as well. There are some pieces that are called the Morse Code collection and consist of bracelets and necklaces that are quite interesting. The brass beads are combined with either coconut, jasper, jade or onyx and come with a decoder as you can see from the image at the bottom left. Horse hair is another material you will find in his collection. The idea came from the Victorian Era when jewelry would be made from someones hair. A wallet chain shows this technique at the center top image. The retail prices range from $60.00-$200.00 for RTW and bespoke pricing will vary depending on the materials you choose to work with. In the USA you can find his product at Personnel, Gentry, Bodega and Fred Segal to name a few. If you are abroad Colette/Paris, Garb Store/London, Barney’s/Japan and Beams/Japan carry the collection. In addition to his jewelry collection, Marlon just branched out into men’s shirtings under the label More Than Words. This creative person is someone you should put on your radar.

I want to thank Ann Herrero from The Collective for arranging my meeting with Marlon. A special thanks to Marlon for taking time to meet with me and introducing us to the world of George Frost. It was a delight to speak with such a creative individual. Remember gents looking and feeling good is all that matters.

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