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How Wide Should Your Coat Lapel Be?

LapelsRecently I have been posting various suits and sport coats on our Facebook page that you should have in your wardrobe. I have received questions in regards to the width of the lapel. The peak lapel has been featured in different widths and the traditional notch lapel will always be in style.

The width that has been trending, pictured at top, ranges from 4 to 4 ½ inches.  The peak lapel, as illustrated in the center image in a coat by Paul Stuart, is fashion forward and usually comes in a 2 ¾ inch width. When purchasing a peak lapel be mindful of the width. The traditional peak lapel will be timeless whereas the wider width more than likely will not. The traditional notched collar, pictured at the bottom also by Paul Stuart, will continue to offer a timeless look.

This fall I will be posting about the “shawl” collar which will be making its return to suits and sport coats. The shawl is customarily found on evening attire, so it will be a fresh new look in tailored clothing. Stay tuned.





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