A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement

It’s Derby Time Gents

The Kentucky Derby is weeks away gents and you should know what is the proper attire for this historic event. Everyone will be dressed to impress so you should be as well.  A combination of Southern Gentleman attire meets the British Dandy will be the call to action.  Below is a guide of suggested items that would lend themselves for a dapper and polished ensemble.  When assembling your daily wardrobe, you should always think of how you look from “head to toe.”  This rule of thumb applies even more so.

First comes the suit or sport coat combination.  Generally lighter or pastel color suits are the norm.  Our suggestion would be a seersucker, pin-cord, oxford or gingham suit as pictured at the center bottom.  The standard is blue and white but that doesn’t mean you cant venture into other colors such as light green and white or even lavender and white.  If you choose to go with a sport coat version of the mentioned suits then you can pair them up with navy trousers.   If you desire to go with more mid tone colors , think saturated colors like the royal sport coat pictured at the bottom left.  In that same image you see how effortless it is to blend patterns in harmony.

Next comes the shoes and accessories.  Preferably you would wear cognac brogues or wingtips and or a solid  white version.  If you really want to make a statement then I would suggest a pair of spectator shoes which come in variety of color combinations as pictured on the top and bottom right images.  These are the signature shoe for such an occasion and can be found from various brands.  To top off your handsome attire requires a fedora. Choosing the correct fedora is a process as mentioned in prior post.   Add a touch of silk when it comes to your bow tie or ascot and pocket square.  These silk items should be beautiful, bright and bold.  These items will pop the most on your look so choose wisely.  The last thing missing is eye wear.  Your sunglasses, in my opinion, should be tortoise shell with he traditional green lens as pictured at top left.  Sunglasses adds to that mystery and has people trying to guess who you are or who’s behind those shades.

Well I hope this has been an informative blog for you.  Have a wonderful time at the races and remember if a photographer ask to take your picture, oblige his or her request.  You never know, you just may wind up on TRG daily postings on Facebook.  Remember looking and feeling good is all that matters gents.

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