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Made To Measure Left Shoe Company

Gents do you have issues trying to find a good quality pair of shoe that fits you properly? I know I can attest to this. Well recently I was contacted by the Left Shoe Company while they were visiting New York City to come view their product. As I walked into the loft space they were using as a pop up shop, Gordon Clune took me on a tour of their collection.

The company combines two worlds, traditional shoe making and 3-D technology.  Gordon had me slide a pair of special socks and I stood on a scanner that measures both feet for every possible angle.  A 3-dimensional image is created that tells the customer which particular style would be best for him.  The images below are examples of the imagery.  I was then given a try-on shoe based on the analysis which was a lace up.  It actually fit like a glove.  Gordon and his partner Patrick Mayworm were kind enough to offer a pair for myself, which I chose the double monk strap. The process after that was minimal–choose the leather, choose the color and then choose the sole.  The entire process takes about 30 minutes.  Once all the information is put into the system the factory in Portugal processes the order and in 6 weeks time your shoes are delivered.  The collection offers 18 different styles that can be customized to your specifications.

Currently there is a store front in Los Angeles on Melrose and LaCienaga. They are in the process of looking for real-estate either in a stand alone shop or a shop within a shop in New York City.  In the coming months they will be back in NYC as well as in Boston in a pop-up shop scenario. I highly recommend you meeting up with them and ordering your shoes. The prices range between $395.00-$595.00 and all of the shoes come with your name and ID number as well as the shoe model engraved in the insole.  I would like to thank Kristen Lawler from dOMAIN NEW YORK for introducing me to Gordon and Patrick.  Remember gents, feeling and looking good is all that matters….

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