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Memorial Day Swims Gear

With the Memorial Day weekend approaching I would like to share with you some must have items for the summer season.  Swims, a Norwegian based brand has come a long way from a strictly water shoe and galoshes company.  Expanding on their  classic loafers, they now have lace up models that look sporty and are perfect to get in the water with as well.  If you find yourself in that situation.

In addition to their classic loafers they have also embarked on brighter sporty versions that will look brilliantly on the beaches or by the pool.  I personally have the pair pictured below and can say they are very comfortable.

Their swimsuit collection and choice of fabrics is on par.  The styles vary from pull on stripes and patterns to zip up short like style that’s perfect for beach to bar scenario.  Quick drying fabrics and attention to detail make this Paloma my favorite.  The swimwear has a European fit so I recommend going up a size if you are in the USA.  Finding the perfect polo for the beach can be challenging.  With that said, Swims has come up with a genius model.  The Forno polo pictured below was designed with a quick dry fabric on the lower portion of the polo.  So in the even you come out of the water and you throw on the polo the botom of the polo will not get soaking wet and stretch out like a cotton polo would.  In addition the colorful tab on the placket was designed for your sunglasses to hang from.  The fit is cut a bit smaller so I would suggest going up one size. So look your best this summer in Swims product.  Have a great holiday weekend and remember looking and feeling good is all that matters….



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