A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement


  • Espadrilles On The Go

    Well there are a few more weeks of summer left for some of us and finding the right shoe to wear is still a challenge. During my travels here in Mykonos, the shoe that continues to be seen at sunset parties, beaches and out on the town are espadrilles. At the beginning of summer I…

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  • Man Up To Accessorize

    For the past couple of weeks I have said, "don't forget to accessorize". Men are limited with accessorizing their ensembles. Some men may think that wearing bracelets is not a masculine thing to do. Currently I am in Mykonos, Greece and I can say that these jet setters have no problem wearing them at all.…

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  • Don’t Be Square. Be Creative.

    Pocket squares are becoming more and more popular as men start to follow the trend of wearing suits or sport coats more frequently. The traditional options on how to wear your square have evolved. The traditional white pocket square is becoming replaced by brighter more vibrant versions for the summer as well. One option that…

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