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Put A Lid On It

20131114-204719.jpgThe colder months are upon us so I felt it necessary to share with you the types of hats for the season. Choosing the correct hat or cap is equally as important as any other clothing article when it comes to your overall appearance. The shape of your face and your height are two variables to consider.

For a more casual approach, ski caps and tweed caps are both good choices. Examples of each are illustrated in the bottom left and top right corner of the image. Ski caps come in various blends such as cotton, cashmere or wool. If you have an angular face, this option would look very nice on you. If you have a round face and are short, then definitely go with the tweed cap version. The shape of the tweed cap will visually give angles to your face and will not give the illusion of making you look shorter. Both versions can be worn casually or with a nice suit.

Bowler hats, illustrated in the image at the bottom right corner, are trending this season. Tracy Watts makes this version. The brim of the hat can be shaped to have a dip in the center front or without. The dipped version will look best on round faces where as a gent with an angular face can get away with either version. This hat looks best with a suit and is commonly made from felt. Your height should not be a factor on this particular style, but  simply the shape.

The Bushman style illustrated at the center top can be found by various makers. This particular one is from Michael Bastian in collaboration with Mr. Kim. This hat will look best on taller gents, and the shape of your face has no relevance.

The next selection of hats is what we refer to as the Executive at the top left corner. This hat is made by various designers. The height of the crown will be the factor when it comes to your personal height. Therefore, the higher the crown, the taller the person and vice versa. This hat will look good casually or with a suit.

In closing, there are an array of different styles but these are trending the most this season. Choose your hat or hats carefully and remember that looking good and feeling good is all that matters.


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