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Recycled Socks With Some Color

Gents you know by now that I have stressed numerous times that your socks are an important component to completing your look.  Bright colors and patterns will add that hidden surprise when your seated with crossed legs.  Or in some cases one may choose to have your trousers cut slightly shorter to show a glimpse while standing.  Whichever it may be, rest assured you will make a statement.

I came across this fairly new sock company that has an interesting story.  The company is called Nice Laundry and it was a born in March of 2013 via Kickstarter.  The campaign broke a fashion Kickstarter opening day record and ultimately raised over 4 times their funding goal in one months time.  They officially launched online in August 2013.  Co-founders Ricky Choi and Phil Moldavski come from the digital world and started this business. Both Ricky and Phil are stylish gents however Phil needed some assistance  in the sock department.  Ricky convinced Phil to overhaul his sock drawer since it was primarily filled with white gym socks.   When they noticed how expensive it was to replace an entire sock drawer they came up with this idea.  Ricky and Phil knew there had to be a better way, and started Nice Laundry with the mission of giving men (and women) an easy, affordable way to refresh their sock drawers in one fell swoop.

The collection offers bright colors and comes in packages of 6 for $39.00.  The packages range from solids with pops of color to stripes, polka dots, herringbone, camouflage, argyle and their latest solid heather The Prepster.  If you choose to replace your entire sock drawer its 3 sets for $99.00.  What a deal!  Another unique trait of their business model is they recycle your old pair of socks.  All shipments come with a prepaid shipping label to send your worn out socks back to them.   They will  then recycle them for future pairs.  The socks are blended with cotton/nylon/spandex and retain their shape with minimal shrinkage.

A special thank you goes to Caroline Goggin from Nice Laundry for enlightening us about Nice Laundry and to Laura Fruchterman for providing the imagery. As always gents, remember feeling and looking good is all that matters….


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