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Scarves In The Summer?

20130808-184702.jpgWhile on holiday in Europe, another trend that I saw frequently was men wearing scarves. This trend has slowly migrated to the States, so I felt the need to talk about it. When you hear the word scarf, the one thing you automatically associate it with is cold temperatures. That’s not the case at all. Here are some ways to wear your scarf and look stylish.

In Mykonos, the scarf of choice was either cotton or a cotton/linen blend. At times during the day, it was windy with a chill in the air. As you can see in the top left image, this gent was not only sporting a scarf but also a Panama hat. The top right image is a good example of how to wear one with a classic t-shirt.

The end of summer is quickly upon us in some parts the world. So in preparation for the cooler months here are some examples on how to use your scarf. When its cool but not cool enough for a heavy coat, wear a patterned silk scarf as illustrated in the bottom left with your suit. Surprisingly silk does keep you warm too. If your out lounging around wearing a sweater, add a colorful scarf and leave the jacket at home as pictured on the bottom right.

You can still find some of these lightweight scarves at Ralph Lauren or at Mr. Porter. Men do not have that many accessories to choose from to enhance their ensembles. So go and add a couple to your wardrobe. Always remember looking and feeling your best is all that matters.


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