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Sophisticated Accessories From Soffio

Several months ago while on Instagram I noticed that someone had liked one of the postings I had made.  The name caught my eye Soffio and after further review I saw that there were some very handsome images of leather tech accessories that deemed worth introducing you to them.  I reached out to Stefano Andri the founder of the brand to receive information as well as product review.  Stefano’s family has been in the tannery business for generations and he came up with this concept for high quality leather tech accessories.  In conjunction with his experience and Raffaello Galiotto, the designer, they have created luxury hand made pieces that are made from hand selected fine quality skins in a natural color.  In due time the combination of the persons natural oils will darken the leather to make it a one of a kind piece for you. All the products are made in Italy and can be purchased online and shipped globally. The product is reasonably priced for such high quality merchandise ranging from 25-210 euros or $35.00-$280.00 dollars. Take a look and shop now.

There are three products I will speak of below that I highly recommend you purchasing for yourself.  The first of the three is the Macbook Sleeve Backpack. After reviewing the craftsmanship and the versatility of this back pack I was amazed with the design.  The backpack was designed so you can wear in its natural manner or you can adjust the strap to wear it as a shoulder bag.  Lastly, if you choose to wear it as a hand satchel, the strap can be removed to that version as well.  I have chosen to wear it as the last option myself and at times as a shoulder bag. The additional pouch that is detachable serves as a storage space for the cords, chargers and other accessories.

The second and third items are the Ipad Air Folio Case and the Iphone Skin. I asked Stefano what was his thought process for designing the folio case and he responded by saying, “we wanted to design something that would guarantee all over protection as well as easy access to the iPad’s screen without the necessity to remove the tablet from the case and a few other options on how it can be used.”  He achieved that and more by creating a sleek modern case that can be angled for email usage, face time and or watching movies.  The concealed grab handle allows you to carry it with a firm grip.  The last item is the Iphone Skin which adheres to the back of the phone. Stefano did not want to take away from the clean lines of the phone but wanted to provide a layer of protection as well as giving the user a better grip.  I personally have one and i can attest that the color has gotten darker from the natural oils of my skin and I love it.  The skins will fit 4/4S and 5/5S versions.

I want to thank Stefano for introducing me to his amazing products. He tells me that there are  other styles in work and when they are ready to be released you will be the first to know about it. Remember gents looking and feeling good is all that matters….

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