A Gentleman’s Guide To Style And Refinement

Sweater Your Suit Correctly

20130815-211435.jpgWith fall right around the corner, I thought it would be best to give you some styling tips when it comes to wearing sweaters with your suits. Some gents like to wear sweaters, sweater vest, or vest cardigans with their suit. All can make your ensemble look like a sharp dressed man or a frumpy man.

Some men think that the heavier the weight of the sweater the better the quality. The thinking is, if it weighs more it must be better as far as warmth and quality. Thankfully, that is not the case. Sweaters come in what is know as a gauge. The higher the number the tighter the knit stitch. Typically you should purchase a fine gauge like 14 or 16 gauge. This will give you a refined look to your ensemble as illustrated in the image on the left.

If you wear a sweater that is 12 gauge or lower, it is a looser stitch and tends to be bulky as illustrated in the image at top right. This is not a flattering look at all and will take away from the silhouette lines of the suit. The standard gauge is usually 12 which is best to be worn as a layering piece as pictured in the bottom right by Ralph Lauren. Always remember, looking and feeling your best is all that matters.


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