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  • Joseph Abboud Tailored Perfection

    Well without a doubt Joseph Abboud made his mark on NYFWM last week.  The setting? Well leave it to Joseph to out do himself by having it at St. Stephens Church  in midtown Manhattan.  The setting made you feel like you were at a runway show in Milan.  A sting orchestra created by Javier Peral played…

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  • The Dollar Boot

    Some of you may remember when I introduced you to The Thursday Boot Company a few years back. We have remained good friends with the owners and have watched their brand grow to new heights. Recently, I met Connor, one of the owners, at their pop up shop in Washington, D.C. at Union Market.  …

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  • Salt Stained Shoes

    Since Groundhog Day informed us that we will have six more months of winter--coupled with the amount of snow we have had in New York City, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on maintaining your shoes from the elements. The snow always looks so pretty when it falls…

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