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  • Five Essentials For Spring

    Spring has finally sprung in NYC!!  With that said, this is the best time to inform you of five essential items for the season. When it comes to tailored clothing one trend you will see is trainers and fitted t-shirts worn with suits like the example below from Canali. White pants be it jeans or…

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  • Water Shoes For Spring from Swims

    With the seasons changing to warmer climates it's time to get your water shoes lined up. Swims a brand from Norway has the most stylish selection of water shoes to choose from. They started their company in the mid 2000's with galoshes called the classic and from there created the  laced loafer style pictured below in an…

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  • NYFW Fall 2015 Review Stephen F

    Towards the end of fashion week here in NYC, TRG was invited to preview Swedish designer Stephen F.  The viewing was at the iconic Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel which was a fitting venue for such an elegant event.  I can honestly say that they saved the best for last.  This collection blew me away.…

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