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  • Fashionably Covered

    I introduced you to Soffio, a luxury brand of leather accessories, a few years back.  Well by chance the owner of the company Stefano and his wife were visiting NYC. While having cocktails at the Boom Boom Room at the luxurious Standard Hotel I noticed his Iphone cover.  He shared with me that this was…

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  • Salt Stained Shoes

    Since Groundhog Day informed us that we will have six more months of winter--coupled with the amount of snow we have had in New York City, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on maintaining your shoes from the elements. The snow always looks so pretty when it falls…

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  • Magnetic Lapel Adornments

    Hayes Hamilton the designer behind the distinguished magnetic lapel (pins) adornments collaborated with Darkoh at the previous runway show here in New York City. These lapel pins are made from exotic skins like python as well as leather and suede.  There is no pin that secures it to the lapel.  Instead, he uses a magnet…

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