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  • TRG’s Father’s Day Picks

    With Father's Day weeks away I wanted to share with you what we think are great gift ideas.  In the past couple of weeks we have been giving you giveaways for some of them.  There will be more coming as well.  First, there is Criquet a brand out of Austin, Texas.  The owners have designed…

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  • True Vintage Revival

    Finding high quality eye glasses or sunglasses for that matter can be challenging.  Well, your search has come to a satisfied end.  A few months back a dear friend of mine "Chunky" introduced me to TVROPT.  These glasses are hand made with original frame cast from latter days.  The quality of these frames are done…

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  • An Innovative Frame

    We were introduced to new sunglasses that we thought were worth telling you about.  The brand is called Spine.  These sunglasses literally spring back to full closure once they are taken off of your face.  SPINE Eyewear provides ground-breaking fit and solves age-old hinge limitations with an extensive solution featuring game-changing design, aesthetics and function.…

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