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The Fashionably Fit Trainer

Fitness is playing a big role in the men’s fashion arena. With joggers and trainers being seen more frequently I wanted to see where a celebrity trainer in NYC gets his inspiration for his own personal style.  In late October I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity trainer Noah Neiman at a GQ/Lacoste event and I posed my idea to him. Noah was excited to be part of this.

I met Noah at Scoop in the meat packing district of Manhattan.  Noah’s personal style as he puts it is, “dress down outfits like pea coats with joggers while keeping it real simple on top.  Or unless I like to go “lumber sexual”  then I will add in some plaid to the mix as he says with a chuckle”   Below is a short Q&A  that tells you more about him and his personal style.

So with my assessment, I put some looks together for an impromptu photo shoot.    I decided to mix what some would consider athletic or street wear inspired clothing with luxury inspired pieces.  Details, as Noah puts it, makes an outfit stand out.  With that said, the following five looks best describes him.  I would like to thank Noah, Jennifer Talbot from Scoop and my brilliant photographer Waseem Ghattas. Remember gents looking and feeling good is all that matters…











Belstaff jeans with articulated knee paired up with Iro t-shirt.


IMG_7269 (1)









D-Squared joggers, Scp henley, Lot78 topcoat and Nike trainers.











Nudie jeans, Paul Smith camouflage sweater and Rag and Bone  boots.


IMG_7385 (1)










D-Squared joggers, John Varvatos t-shirt, Stuterhem raincoat and reflective Nike runners.












Nudie jeans, Scp crew neck t-shirt, Maison Kitsune camouflage varsity jacket and Nike trainers


Q&A with Noah Neiman

How long have you been a celebrity trainer and what inspired you to choose this career? I’ve been a mad scientist of fitness since about 12/13…studying everything I could get my hands on and in the lab (gym) applying that knowledge. However it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I took my passion and turned it into a profession.  When I was at a young age I was really uncomfortable with my own body. I didn’t eat well and was around 210-215 lbs at 11 years old. I had a ton of behavioral problems, and it was all because of how I was treating my body. I luckily found fitness as a way to get myself under control and found that exercise and nutrition was a cure-all for everything I was going through. Fast forward another 18 years when I had recently quit my accounting job, didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life…and stumbled into this place called Barry’s Bootcamp. The owner , Joey Gonzalez, and I struck up a conversation after a class of his that I took. He somehow spidey-sensed my passion for fitness during that class and asked if I would like to work there…the answer was an immediate yes…and it was like my whole life had been leading up to that moment. Since then it has been one hell of a 3-years. The driving force behind me jumping up out of bed every morning is that I have the opportunity to have a positive impact on people. I’ve found that life is much better when you focus on what you are giving, rather than what you are taking.

What brands do you gravitate to the most and why?  I normally have one piece of NIKE attire on at all times. My superhero outfit is some Nike joggers with a classic  Saint Laurent leather moto jacket. Almost everyday I step into the phone booth and when I pop out with this outfit on..I feel like I can take on the world. For me, having an athletic body type makes it rough to fit in some of the brands I like..but I somehow suck it in and squeeze to make it work like that shopping scene in White Chicks. My go-to’s are Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Helmut Lang, Publish, Richard Chai,  Carhartt…but I’m always on the search for smaller more obscure labels that bring that unique flair to an outfit.

How would you describe your personal style?  I certainly am loving this sportswear takeover that’s been occurring over the past few years. I spent too many years as an accountant wearing suits and button downs. High top sneakers, tapered jeans/joggers, simple shirts/hoodies, and a tough varsity jacket, moto jacket, or sporty pea coat is the foundation for every outfit. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs said it best…simplicity is key and who has time to piece together layered outfits that look like they were put together by the creatives at Mr. Porter or GQ…I start with that basic mold but I always make sure the outerwear and the sneakers are fresh to death.

What athletic brand do you think is the most fashionable?  For working out… I’m all about that Swoosh Life….NIKE all day… Not only is their gear the best technical apparel to wear…it gets the job done in style. If you look right when you’re training..you’re going to perform better…and better performance is always the goal. Not just there main line of athletic apparel and running gear, but their NIKE Sports Wear (NSW) has a great look and functionality to it.

What are your thoughts on the joggers trend?  Finally!!! I’ve been wearing joggers since like the 5th grade! I’m just glad to see more brands picking up on it…my ankles no longer have to live and the shadows and my jeans don’t have to fray at the back like a college kid wearing boot-cut jeans with Birkenstock’s. The joggers are a perfect blend of the new fashion meets fitness trend. They are comfortable without looking sloppy,  and are highly versatile; You can wear them to go grocery shopping or dress them up for a night out. The tapered bottoms will surely please any sock and sneaker aficionado… 

If you were to start a trend what would it be?  I’ve been known to rock some all black NIKE Running man-tights, black hoodie, and my Saint Laurent Signature leather jacket with some volt sneakers..but i’m not sure world is ready for that kind of visual yet…and it gets drafty in the winter. I’m currently living in a trend that I like to think I helped start. Being in the prestigious NYC fitness scene at the beginning of the uptick, I was in early on this Fashion Meets Fitness Renaissance. I’d like to do my part to make sure it is here to stay..and who doesn’t want to be in style while wearing sweats, some dope sneakers, and an out of this world designer jacket. I hope to live in this era for decades to come. Viva la Revolution!



  • Orlando Solis

    Well done! It outfits you selected were perfect for him It made him look great yet kept him down to earth. Good job.

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