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Tie Up Your Collar The Right Way

20130805-203512.jpgI have noticed men walking around in the city wearing the wrong tie with their shirt collar. The shirt collar usually inspires the type of necktie and quite often the knot you choose. The image on top left is a good example on how the tie choice is correct. Here are some helpful tips on making the right choice.

A wide spread collar would require a larger width tie as well as a full Windsor knot. When wearing a wide spread collar you should not be able to see the actual length of the tie on your neck as illustrated in the image at top right. The knot should cover the entire spread of the collar. If you have a straight collar, smaller spread or button down you can use a thinner tie and use a half Windsor knot that will look very stylish. Wider ties will suffice as well.

In the event you have a tailored or fitted dress shirt with a straight collar, I would suggest using a thinner tie. It will keep with the trim silhouette and have you looking very “James Bond” as pictured in the bottom left. The one thing to keep in mind when choosing your tie, is the width should always be in harmony with the spread of the collar and knot selection. The image on the bottom right is a sampling of various collars to assist you with your selection. Always remember looking your best and feeling your best is what matters.


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