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Ties And Squares Brooklyn Style

Recently while on Instagram, I came across some images of men’s accessories that caught my eye named Jack Sartori.  Always looking to support NYC businesses, I reached out to Jack and introduced myself via direct message.  Jack responded and advised me that he knew who TRG was and would welcome a discussion about his brand.  Based in Brooklyn, Jack an entrepreneur in various industries, started his company in August of 2013.  Jack took the leap into uncharted waters but blessed with a good eye for fashion.  Fortunately through his vast amount of contacts, he was able to gain experience on fabric constructions, production, as well as the design process from inception to finish product.

Currently there are two collections “The Coastal” and “The Brooklyn”.  Of the two, The Coastal lends itself more to my style–classic and nautical inspired given the season.  Jack was kind enough to send me a couple of pieces for me to review.  I was quite impressed with the quality of the tie as well as the pocket squares.  I requested the end on end striped tie pictured bottom left made from 100% silk.  The luster in the yarn adds to lux appearance.  The pocket squares are 100% cotton and have the right weight so they hold their shape well.  One thing I noticed and mentioned to Jack was all of his ties are narrow.  I asked him why that was to his reply, “I personally prefer to wear thinner ties but I am coming out with a 3″ version in the fall.”  Other fabrications in the collection range from seersucker, Liberty of London prints and linen.  In addition to the ties and squares jack does offer tie clips which is pictured center left.

You can purchase his product online as well as two retailers Jackson & Connor and Nantucket Brand–other retailers are on the horizon.  I asked Jack what are your plans for the brand and he responded without hesitation, “to evolve into shirting’s and ultimately a full collection.” I can say without hesitation, I can see that happening. If you are looking for excellent quality accessories and made in NYC and Brooklyn then I highly recommend placing an order with Jack Sartori.  Thank you Jack for taking time to speak with me–it was a pleasure. As I said, if you need some help or guidance in evolving your brand I am a phone call away.  Remember gents looking and feeling good is all the matters…..


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