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Time To Tan Gents

With the summer months here its time to get your tan on. Bronzed skin tone gives you that healthy glow.  If you aren’t the spray tan kinda guy then choosing the right product for sunbathing is important.  Through my travels, I came across a product called Lancaster.  I asked some of my friends what with all the orange bottles on the beach.  They in turn shared with me how they swear by this tanning product.   A product from the French Riviera, they are considered the international UV and light expert.

According to Lancaster there is a process to tanning….yes there is.  Gone are the days when you would set a timer on your phone and flip over like a piece of meat.  First there is the Tan Preparer which is used daily under your skin moisturizer.  It enhances your natural melanin for a faster even glow while hydrating at the same time.  Second, you have two choices either  the SPF 30 tan optimizer oil or the SPF 15 tinted tan deepener suave.  I prefer the latter since the tint helps you to achieve that glow ever so fast.  Lastly, is the tan maximizer which is a high level hydration cream.  This combined with consuming a generous amount of water will help maintain your glow throughout the summer months. The product ranges from $42.00- $80.00. Money well spent.

Keep in mind that the sun can also due some damage to your skin if you are not careful.  Problems can arise ranging from freckling to melanoma.  My fellow blogger Michelle Harvey, the beautiful certified barber in Los Angeles, recently wrote a blog about maintaining good skin.  So with all that said you now know which product we recommend and you hear Michelle’s point of you as well.  Remember gents, looking and feeling good is all that matters…..


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