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Too Little, Too Short

Recently a friend of mine ordered a suit for himself. When he received it, the jacket from the suit was too short in length. Unfortunately he was unable to wear the suit to an event he had planned for, which was disappointing.

The rule of thumb, when purchasing a suit, is the jacket length should be the same distance from the bottom of the jacket to the floor. Another way you can tell if the jacket is too short is by putting your arms to the side adjacent to your body. Cup your fingers and if the length is not even with the edge of your fingers, then it is not the right length for you.

While doing research for this post, I came across this photo which clearly illustrates what I am talking about. As you can see, the suit is well tailored to his body but the length of the jacket is too short. I drew red lines on the image to give you a better perspective. He is probably a “long” and is wearing a “regular”. Hopefully this information is helpful to my readers, and you don’t encounter the same problem as my friend did. Remember a well-made suit should enhance your overall appearance in every aspect down to the pocket square.


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