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Water Shoes For Spring from Swims

With the seasons changing to warmer climates it’s time to get your water shoes lined up. Swims a brand from Norway has the most stylish selection of water shoes to choose from. They started their company in the mid 2000’s with galoshes called the classic and from there created the  laced loafer style pictured below in an array of colors.  There is an antibacterial EVA insole with a ventilation system  and the mesh on the top portion of the shoe is antibacterial as well.  The ventilation gills on the side offer breathability as well. Thus you can wear them to the beach, step in to the sea and not worry about smelly feet.  They can be paired up with any of your spring/summer attire.  I have a pair myself and wear them in the city frequently.


In addition to the classic loafer. they have a sneaker version that caught my eye. The trainer pictured below is comprised of materials that actually glows in the dark.  So the green portion of the shoe will illuminate when the sun goes down.  Quite clever if you ask me. It adds a new element to the sneaker. There are other color combinations to choose from but the others do not have the same glow in the dark feature.


Another option to choose from this season is the sport loafer which resembles  the traditional Sperry topsider shoe.  It is a hybrid version of the sneaker and the loafer color blocked in preppy combinations pictured below.


The brand also offers stylish beach apparel ranging from swim suits to cleverly designed polo shirts. I am sure that most of you would agree that when you step out of the sea or pool and dry off your swimsuit is not always completely dry at the beginning.  They have created a polo shirt where the bottom portion of the polo is made of a hydrophobic polyester that dries incredibly fast combined with premium long fiber heavy duty cotton. So you can throw your polo on and not worry about it. Check out the brand and remember gents looking and feeling good is all that matters….


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