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Which One Suits You, Turtleneck Or Mockneck?

turtleneck_combinedThe Refined Gent has been asked a number of questions around turtleneck sweaters; and with the first day of autumn less than a week away, I thought it would be most fitting to address the matter now. Some of the more popular questions I’ve received are:

• Can a turtleneck be worn with a sport coat or suit?
• What about a mock turtleneck?
• What about a quarter zip mock turtleneck?
• Do certain men look better in turtlenecks than others?

Turtleneck sweaters come in a variety of fibers ranging from cotton to merino wool to cashmere. They are very stylish and can make your ensemble look quite dashing. Whether you have a long or short neck, there is usually a right turtleneck for both neck types. If by chance you fall into the short neck category, I would advise you to wear a mock turtleneck as pictured i n the bottom image. Mock turtlenecks, or mock necks, usually have a collar height of 1 1/2″ and are single layer. This helps give the illusion that your neck is longer than it actually is and it is more flattering to your overall look; and most importantly, you can wear your turtleneck with confidence.

Mock necks come in quarter zip versions too. This type of sweater, as seen in the center image, can easily be dressed up with a shirt/tie and sport coat. Make sure that the sweater fiber you choose is a fine gauge. You don’t want it to be bulky under your sport coat.

The traditional turtleneck collar height is usually 2 1/2″ and double layer. Gents with longer necks can pull this look off much easier. You can dress it down for a casual Friday look as shown in the left image with jeans and a sport coat. It can also be worn with a suit which will give you a debonair look. If you choose not to wear a sport coat, make sure that the sweater is tapered more than your standard fit sweater as pictured on the right. Remember looking and feeling good is all that matters.




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